Inspired by Ideas
Live Entertainment
At Metalloid, we are focussed on increasing premium Live Entertainment Experiences through various approaches such as Live Concerts, Broadcast Shows, Music Festivals, Comedy Shows, Broadway & Theatre, Live Entertainment IP Building.
Films and TV Production
We are aggregators and producers of content across several categories and formats. Our objective is to redefine content and the process of showcasing it for the viewers. We partner with content creators, directors and producers who are spear-heading innovation in storytelling and visualisation.
Talent Management
Having its partners spread across from the Eastern to the Western Hemisphere Metalloid has increasingly worked and managed a variety of talent thus making it an independent business unit within the company spectrum. We have partnered and created a JV with existing talent houses thus bringing in technical and artistic talent under one roof.
Distribution & Mass Media
A digital Multichannel network that also involves OTT to increase consumer traction & engagement soon to be followed by offline and satellite.
Advertising & Sponsorship
Be it a concept, a campaign or communication - we strongly believe in creating value for our clients by understanding their requirements precisely and applying our expertise & cross functional exposure- emotionally and rationally. We always look forward to a sustainable and win-win business relationship. Our endeavour is to be different in order to cut through the clutter and have an "Out of the box" mindset.
Completing the spectrum of Entertainment and Media, producing musical content has gradually become one of the focuses of the production house. We do our best to leave no stone unturned while trying to engage and connect with our audiences.